Status: Draft
Version: 1.0
Authors: Marcus Reimann
Developers:Bryan Forbes, Sam Foster, Mike Wilcox
Available:since V1.2

dojox.html offers additional HTML helper functions.


  • dojox.html.set

    A generic content setter, including adding new stylesheets and evaluating scripts (was part of ContentPane loaders, now separated for generic usage)

  • dojox.html.metrics

    Translate CSS values to pixel values, calculate scrollbar sizes and font resizes

    • Formerly private to dojox.gfx, now available in dojox.html
    • Includes translation of relative CSS values (such as medium, small, x-small, etc.) to actual pixel values
    • Translate other CSS units (such as em, pt) to pixel values
    • Scrollbar sizes (width and height)
    • Ability to detect font resizing
  • dojox.html.styles

    Insert, remove and toggle CSS rules as well as search document for style sheets

    • Insert and remove CSS rules.
    • Search document for style sheets.
    • Toggle sheets on and off (based on the W3C spec).

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