Status: Draft
Version: 1.0
Project owner:?--
Available:since V?

A set of DOM manipulation functions.


When working with DOM objects, these additional functions can come in extremely handy. Their relationship to each other is loose and they are basically a catch-all for functions not found elsewhere.



Cross-browser implementation of creating an XML document object.

var foo:DOMDocument =, mimetype:String?);


Serialize an XML document to a string.

var foo:String =;


Removes all children from node and returns the count of children removed. The children nodes are not destroyed.

var foo:Integer =;


Removes all children of node and appends newChild. All the existing children will be destroyed.

var foo =, newChildren:Node|Array);


Implementation of the DOM Level 3 attribute; scan node for text. This function can also update the text of a node by replacing all child content of the node.

var foo:String|empty string =, text:String?);

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