DojoC is DojoCampus's "personal" subversion repository, also known as DojoCommunity repo. It acts as a sandbox for committers and contributors to work together in a public area.

There is no 'versioning' taking place in DojoC, it is all provided via subversion from a single url:

All work in DojoC is still covered under Contributor License Agreement (CLA), so if you would like write access and have a CLA on file, contact a Campus Editor in #dojo ( - Nikolai (nonken) Onken, or Peter (phiggins) Higgins are usually lurking about to answer any questions you might have.

What's in DojoC?

Lots of experimental code, and all the DojoCampus widgets and code. For instance, the FeatureExplorer source is available in explorer/ ... There are several partially working Adobe AIR demos in demos/air/, and several widgets in sandbox/

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