Status: Draft
Version: 1.0
Available:since V?

Returns the body element of the document.


This is a shorthand method for accessing the <body> element within the document. Not only is it shorter, it returns the current body of the current context. It also allows Dojo to use the call in non-browser environments by overloading the function to return an appropriate element.

dojo.body is a very simple function with one purpose:


The most important item to remember is dojo.body is a function, and needs to be executed to get the value:

console.log( dojo.body() );

This is an example, which is shorter, safer to write than:

var b = document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];

Actually using the <body> element is an exercise left to the developer. There are several utility functions in Dojo to do common tasks on DomNodes, and <body> is just another:

// set the background color:, "backgroundColor", "green");
// place a node with id="foo" as the last-child of body:"foo", dojo.body());
// place id="foo" as a first-child of body:"foo", dojo.body(), "first");

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