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TODOC - additional details

First, download and unpack a source distribution from http://download.dojotoolkit.org/ or checkout the source from SVN.

Next, go to the utils/buildscripts directory and run the following command:

./build.sh profile=standard action=release

You will also likely want to pass the version= param or your build will have a version string of 0.0.0-dev by default.

Assuming you have java installed, after some time your dojo build will reside in ../../release/dojo

To make the release the same way the dojo developers do - use this command (changing version and releaseName as appropriate):

./build.sh profile=standard version=1.3.2-dev releaseName=dojo-release-1.3.2-dev cssOptimize=comments.keepLines optimize=shrinksafe.keepLines cssImportIgnore=../dijit.css action=release

See util/buildscripts/build_release.sh for more information on how the dojo release is created.

The "standard" profile essentially builds the same thing as what you would find in a full Dojo toolkit release - all of base, core, dijit, dojox. This might be useful if you want to test changes to the Dojo source or create an extended Dojo release.

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