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Here lives several Service-based SMD’s contributed to Dojo. They wrap major public API’s for convenience.

  • google.smd - Provides access to all Google AJAX API processes. Web, Image, Book, Blog, Local, News, Feeds, and Translate.
  • yahoo.smd - Utilizes Yahoo, Inc’s public RPC
  • geonames.smd - Provides many useful geo/location APIs, courtesy GeoNames
  • dojo-api.smd - An SMD to hook directly into Dojo’s API page data
  • wikipedia.smd - Data provided by WikiPedia.

These SMD’s are all available at a defined place/filename in the Dojo source archives. Simply point your Service at them:

dojo.require(""); // x-domain RPC
  var libRoot = "dojox.rpc.SMDLibrary";
  var googAPI = new dojox.rpc.Service(dojo.moduleUrl(libRoot, "google.smd"));
  var dojoAPI = new dojox.rpc.Service(dojo.moduleUrl(libRoot, "dojo-api.smd"));
  var wikiAPI = new dojox.rpc.Service(dojo.moduleUrl(libRoot, "wikipedia.smd"));

If you know of a service providing JSONP-based API, please let us know. If you wish to define your own SMD for said service, please feel free, and contribute it back for community consumption.