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Version:1.3 (trunk)
Project owner:Eugene Lazutkin
Available:since 1.3


This class is the component of the form manager. It should be used together with _Mixin.

The mixin provides commonly used methods to access values of individual form elements, as well as to perform group operations on their values.

Methods and properties

This section describes all public methods and properties of dojox.form.manager._ValueMixin class.


This method is analogous to _Mixin’s inspectFormWidgets(), _Mixin’s inspectAttachedPoints(), and _NodeMixin’s formNodeValue() — it generalizes them all providing a single point access to any types of form elements by their names.

The method can be used in two ways: with one parameter to get the value, and with two parameters to set the value:

// reading the value
var value = fm.elementValue("lastName");
// writing the value
fm.elementValue("lastName", "Smith");

The first parameter is a name of a controlled form element (a string). The optional second parameter is a value to be set. It is usually a string too.

The returned value is:

  • A form element's value for the getter version.
  • The form manager itself for the setter version providing easy chaining.


This method collects values of controlled elements in a dictionary. There are three ways to use this method:

  1. Call it with the array of names (represented by strings):
var names = ["firstName", "lastName"];
var values = fm.gatherFormValues(names);

Only supplied names will be collected.

  1. Call it with a dictionary (an object). Only keys will be used, values will be ignored:
var names = {firstName: 1, lastName: 1};
var values = fm.gatherFormValues(names);

Only supplied names will be collected.

This form is especially useful when we already collected values, and want to re-read the same set of names:

var names = {firstName: 1, lastName: 1};
var oldValues = fm.gatherFormValues(names);
// later in the code
var newValues = fm.gatherFormValues(oldValues);
  1. The parameter is null, or undefined, or missing. In this case all known values will be collected:
var values = fm.gatherFormValues();


This method is complimentary to gatherFormValues. It uses the same dictionary format returned by gatherFormValues to set multiple form elements at once. The method returns the form manager for easy chaining.

var values = {firstName: "Jane", lastName: "Smith"};


All methods are designed to work together:

var values = fm.gatherFormValues();
values.firstName = "Jill";