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Version:Dojo Toolkit 1.3+
Author:Tom Trenka, Brad Neuberg

Unlike other crypto implementations within DojoX Encoding, the SimpleAES implementation is hard-coded using a modified version of CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) mode, along with a non-standard formatting. The reasons for this are because of eventual plans to use this implementation, modified from the implementation by Brad Neuberg for (within the “private” dojox.sql project) to refactor and replace dojox.sql.

This implementation differs from the dojox.sql implementation in the following ways:

  1. The dojox.encoding.crypto version uses Hex encoding (2 numbers for every byte in the cipher text); the dojox.sql version uses straight String encoding, which can be problematic for a number of reasons.
  2. The dojox.encoding.crypto version uses a space (” “) to delimit each ciphertext block/word. The dojox.sql version uses a dash (“-“).

Both versions preserve the way the original implementation (from Chris Veness, ``_) uses a nonce as a hard-coded initialization vector. This nonce is included as the first block of the resulting ciphertext-which is why this implementation is not as useful as one might think, especially if the purpose of using SimpleAES is for cross-platform encrypted communication. Because of this reason, SimpleAES is generally only useful for purposes where the application/web page is the only consumer of the algorithm (i.e. encrypting and decrypting with this implementation only).