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Project owner:Mike Wilcox, Tom Trenka
Available:since 1.2

DojoX A/V aims to bring audio and video capabilities to the Open Web, first by wrapping common media types (Flash and Quicktime) and then by providing easy to use objects to accomplish basic A/V tasks. As of version 0.1, only the base is included (Flash and Quicktime embedding mechanisms); in the near future, usable objects will appear, both in raw programmatic form and also with Dijit-compatible wrappers.

Available Components

  • dojox.av.FLAudio

    Provides the ability of implementing MP3 sounds into your dojo applications

  • dojox.av.FLVideo

    Provides the ability to play Flash movie files (FLVs) within the dojo environment

  • dojox.av.widget

    Provides base player control widgets for building a media player