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Project owner:Benjamin Schell
Available:since V1.3

This object represents an ATOM Feed.

Public properties (and their types):

This function extends from so please refer to it for the list of properties it inherits.

Public functions (and their return types):

This function extends from so please refer to it for the list of functions it inherits.

Below are all the additional functions implemented by this model class.

Return Type Function Description
Boolean accept(String) Returns whether this item accepts the given tag name. Overriden by child classes
String toString() Return the XML representation of the Entry
String addNamespace(String fullName, String shortName) Adds the given namespace to this feed
String addEntry( Entry) Adds the given entry into this object representation of the Atom feed. This function does not send any data to the server.
Entry getFirstEntry() Retrieves the first of this Atom feed
Entry getEntry(String) Retrieves the identified by the given ID string
Number removeEntry( Removes the given entry from the feed, returning the number of entries removed
undefined setEntries(Array arrayOfEntry) Adds the entries contained in the given array into this Atom feed
Entry createEntry() Creates a new entry object, sets its feedUrl variable, and returns the entry object
String getSelfHref() Gets the URL of this Atom feed, or returns a null value if the feed does not include the appropriate link object