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Project owner:Adam Peller
Available:since V1.0

Loads localized resources, according to the operating locale, or other locale if specified.


This method is analogous to dojo.require, which loads Javascript modules from a specified package.

requireLocalization specifies a named resource bundle within a package and loads the resources necessary to match a particular locale. In development mode, this will trigger a series of transactions to fetch the root bundle and all locales and variants necessary to match the specified locale.

For example, fr-ca will pull in not only fr-ca, if available, but also fr and root and mix them together to form a single Javascript Object. If there is no fr-ca variant, the correct result will be a 404, and the more general fr and root resources will be used.

Note that the root, by convention is usually US-English, so there are actually no resources for either ‘en’ or ‘en-us’. Loading ‘en-us’ will result in three hits, two of which will be 404.

A Dojo build will collapse these locales into flattened resource bundles, resulting in a single server hit.


<script type="text/javascript">
 dojo.requireLocalization("dijit.form", "validate");

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