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Dojo roundup 2008

What an exciting year this was :) was launched early 2008, Dojo published several amazing releases with an unbelievable amount of enhancements, new features, fixes and much more.
We had several Dojo beers, the DDD in Boston, podcasts, new book releases, ZendFramework integration - I wonder what will come in 2009 :)

At this point we are working hard on the new documentation launch (the preview can be found at and a few other special releases to come in early 2009.

We hope that you all have a good holiday, a happy and safe new year and a good start into 2009.


The PHProjekt team has released a developer preview of their software “PHProjekt 6″, a Dojo based project management solution. PHProject6 is a very complete solution for managing Projects online, an online demo is available at