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Read more - Barcelona, June 17th

I wish I could write in Spanish, but I cant =/ - so let’s continue in English.

The series does not seem to get to a halt so soon - there have been great events all over the world, from small events with a few Dojo enthusiasts up to un-conference style meetings with great talks and lots of people.

Now right before the mobile 2.0 conference we will organize a in Barcelona on June 17th.

If you are in town, join us for lots of Dojo, JavaScript and of course dojo.drinks()

The location is gratefully sponsored by AtSistemas.

Event details:

Location: visit Google maps, AtSistemas
Date/Time: June 17th, start 7pm (times might change depending on interest) - end open

If you are planning to attend, just add your name to the list below

And if you want to submit a talk or want to see the available talks, visit the Google Moderator
Looking forward to seeing you in Spain :)

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