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Separating Content from Presentation the Dojo Way

One of the cool things about Dojo is the dojo.xhrGet() function. It’s powerful because it makes transparent the browser dependent transports that make AJAX possible. In this cookie, we’re going to explore a simple use case in Dojo to separate content from the presentation of a page. This means that if you want to update some content of a specific portion of a page, you may not want to require the user to ‘refresh’ the entire page to see the new content. Read the rest of this entry »

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Functional Ajax with Dojo

I frequently hear the question: “Does Dojo have an Ajax method that updates a div?”. The answer is that there’s no Dojo-approved way of doing something like this. Updating a div is such an easy process, that implementing a de-facto solution is not only extra code, but you also hit a wall as soon as you want to do “something more”.

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