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dojo.cast() - the Dojo podcast - episode 6

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In our first real-life episode from the Ajax Experience in Boston we are interviewing Frank Zammetti who has just released his new book “Practical Dojo Projects”.
It was a pleasure to meet everybody at the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel in Boston, discussing the new book, Dojo and other related topics.

Please excuse the little noisy quality of the recording, you should be able to understand and hear what we are saying though ;)
To make up for the quality, specially for the dojo.cast() episodes from the Ajax Experience, we have a fancy new soundtrack (are we back in the 80’s ?).

We will post a detailed review of the book in our bookcorner soon.


Apress has given us a free copy of Frank’s new book which we will give away in the 8th episode of the dojo.cast(). In that episode we will ask a trick question (about Dojo, of course) and the winner will get the free book and a wonderful Dojo sticker.

For the ones who want to go and dive right into the book, go and get a copy at Amazon or your local bookshop.