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Dojo on AIR - II - dair

SitePen has released the amazing package (and namespace if you want) called dair which will help all the ones out there who are wanting to develop applications using Dojo and Adobe AIR.

Dair gives you all the power of Dojo, same methodology, same syntax, to control Adobe AIR functionality so you won’t even notice that you are accessing the AIR Api, it makes writing code so much easier.

To get started right away, go check out the SitePen project page or download it straight from here

I’ve seen some cool applications out there using Adobe AIR and hope that this will push the development of AIR applications using the Dojo Toolkit, these two tools make a very powerful combination, the sky is your limit ;)

Go dair!

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Dojo and Air, a fancy file uploader

How many times have you had trouble uploading files to your favorite CMS? How many times did a client say “I am not happy with uploading one file at a time”? And last but not least, how many times did you implement a third party plugin/software/piece of magic to implement efficient file uploading?
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