DojoCampus author guidelines

DojoCampus is a platform for the Dojo community open to contributions from anyone who has something to share about Dojo, their use of Dojo, how to use Dojo, and anything relating to The Dojo JavaScript Toolkit. If you have a great article you would like to publish on The Campus, please contact us:

  • e-mail an editor: Nikolai Onken (nonken@) or Peter Higgins (dante@) - both
  • #dojo at - you can typically find the editors using the nicks: nonken and phiggins

Writing articles, cookies or tutorials is easy. A few steps have to be considered before publishing an article:

  • After the introductionary paragraph you must use the <!-more-> snippet to make sure that the entire post doesn’t get posted on the overview and front pages.
  • Because of restrictions of the user management you can not change published posts. Make sure that you have finished an article before sending it in for review

Article icons
It is possible to submit an icon for an article which shows up on the dojocampus frontpage (See the tutorial pager for example).
To upload an image as the article icon, go to the “Post Image” section and select the file you want to upload, that’s it.
Please use following image template for your icons.


Using dojo in tutorials
You can embed dojo into your articles but need to do the neccecary dojo.requires() in the tutorial code.