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Dojo.cast() podcast now available on iTunes and other feeds

Since today it is possible for you to subscribe to the new dojo.cast() podcast directly via iTunes.
So no more checking of website and feeds, you will get the latest news about dojo right into your media player to sit back and relax.

For the ones who prefer to subscribe by other means you can always use the dojo.cast() RSS feed.

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Dojo Feature Explorer launched

After lots of hard work, DojoCampus is proud to present the Dojo Feature Explorer. Based entirely on the work of Shane O Sullivan, the explorer crams almost every component of the Dojo Toolkit 1.1 into small demos, and provides all the source needed to recreate. Rather than go on and on, we’ll just let you go explore the features

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DojoCampus on

For the ones who like to watch their daily dose of dojo via, we have added a dojocampus channel. Read the rest of this entry »

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DojoCampus, the place for the dojo community

Finally after lots of hours of working, brainstorming and asking the opinion of lots of people DojoCampus launched. Read the rest of this entry »