Read more - Germany, Würzburg - 28.03.2009

After a long time of recovery from the last we decided to organize the next in Würzburg - Germany. Würzburg is known for its surrounded wine fields so this actually will be a (yes, there will only be wine ;) ).

Mayflower is so kind again to sponsor the rooms and organize the event together with uxebu.

For program details please visit the event page at mixxt. The event will be organized at the Mayflower offices at:

Mayflower GmbH,
Pleichertorstraße 2,
97070 Würzburg.

Anyone interested in Web, JavaScript and of course Dojo is welcome to join - if you have a topic you want to talk about let us know via the mixxt page.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

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Dojo roundup 2008

What an exciting year this was :) was launched early 2008, Dojo published several amazing releases with an unbelievable amount of enhancements, new features, fixes and much more.
We had several Dojo beers, the DDD in Boston, podcasts, new book releases, ZendFramework integration - I wonder what will come in 2009 :)

At this point we are working hard on the new documentation launch (the preview can be found at and a few other special releases to come in early 2009.

We hope that you all have a good holiday, a happy and safe new year and a good start into 2009.


The PHProjekt team has released a developer preview of their software “PHProjekt 6″, a Dojo based project management solution. PHProject6 is a very complete solution for managing Projects online, an online demo is available at

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[Update] - - Munich, Germany - December 5th, 6th

[Update] - After our last in Berlin we are announcing the next one in Munich on Friday, December 5th and Saturday, December 6th (we better should call this one dojo.santaClaus(), shouldn’t we? ;) ).

Mayflower was so kind to offer a conference room in their office in Munich to hold a few talks, exchange know-how and talk Dojo, so our schedule will look like following.

Friday 5th:

Meeting for dinner and in the evening, if you are in Munich already make sure you are at following restaurant around 8pm:

Café am Beethovenplatz
Hotel Mariandl
Goethestrasse 51
80336 München

Saturday 6th:

Main event, we will meet at 12.00 at Mayflowers office:

Mayflower GmbH
-”Mayflower GmbH”, Mannhardtstrasse 6
80538 München

The program will start at 1pm and you can find exact details about it here.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

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DDD Boston, Ajax Experience recap

Being back in Amsterdam from a busy week of Dojoness in Boston, I thought we should give you a heads up on what was going on in all the days - besides no sleep and many dojo.beers()..
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Dojo just announced the details of their next developer/community Day in Boston, MA during the upcoming Ajax Experience. The full details are available on the Dojo Toolkit website.

Hope to see you there!

(Also, there is a tentative “dot release” DDD:4.5 at OSCON in Portland, OR … though no real details exist. It will likely simply be a dojo.dinner().beer() chain somewhere at one of Portland’s awesome restaurants, and be an informal gathers of JavaScript and Web hackers. All are invited. I will update when a date solidifies)