Dojo Dev Day

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Upcoming Dojo events int the US and London

While loads of effort is being put into the launch of the new Dojo documentation and a new awesome website, there are several great events coming up in the states.
If you are around, make sure you attend to do Dojo hacking, enjoying several Dojo talks and of course drinks and food.

  • September 10, 2009: The next Dojo Developer Day in the Bay Area (exact location TBD). For details on the location, check, @dojocampus or @dojo (twitter)
  • September 12, 2009: The first Dojo DDD, Hackathon, and Pool Party hosted by Dylan Schiemann in the suburbs of Phoenix. (Uhh how much I wish I could be there :) )
  • September 21-23, 2009 (tentative): Dojo Workshops during London Digital Week. Note, the dates may change to September 28-30 to coincide with the Future of Web Apps conference in London.
  • October 3, 2009 (tentative): A day-long Dojo Beer event in London hosted by SitePen and Uxebu. We are looking for a venue for this event. Let us know if you want to host the event.
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DDD Boston, Ajax Experience recap

Being back in Amsterdam from a busy week of Dojoness in Boston, I thought we should give you a heads up on what was going on in all the days - besides no sleep and many dojo.beers()..
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Dojo just announced the details of their next developer/community Day in Boston, MA during the upcoming Ajax Experience. The full details are available on the Dojo Toolkit website.

Hope to see you there!

(Also, there is a tentative “dot release” DDD:4.5 at OSCON in Portland, OR … though no real details exist. It will likely simply be a dojo.dinner().beer() chain somewhere at one of Portland’s awesome restaurants, and be an informal gathers of JavaScript and Web hackers. All are invited. I will update when a date solidifies)