”Brussels”) - FOSDEM - Feb. 6th 2010
by Nikolai Onken

We want to announce another in Brussels this week, saturday, feb. 6th.
During the FOSDEM and thanks to Tom Mahieu for arranging the details, we will meet at the Cafe Delirium for loads of Dojo, JavaScript, mobile and of course drinks.

If you are in town, drop by and join us for a”Brussels”).

More info

Date / Time: Saturday, Feb. 6th - 20:00

Café Delirium
Getrouwheidsgang 4A,
1000 Brussel

in French:
Impasse de la fidélité 4A,
1000 Bruxelles

Google maps doesn’t seem to know the address, but if you navigate to

Beenhouwersstraat 12,
1000 Brussel

you arrive at the corner of “Getrouwheidsgang”.

The website of the pub is:

Google Maps

Looking forward to the next

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