[Update] Modifying the dragability of nodes along a widget's dom tree
by Yoav Rubin

Following this cookie, the feature that is described here was added to Dojo and will be available on the next release (probably Dojo 1.4)

Dragging and dropping seems like a simple user task - you go with the cursor to an element that supports this behavior, press the mouse, move it and release the mouse button and the element that you selected is now located in a new place.

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But sometimes, there are elements (i.e., widgets) that are not a simple dom node, but a complex tree of nodes, in which you, as the widget’s creator, prefer that some may behave differently upon a mouse click, and not invoke a dnd operation, where other would still start the drag operation. This can be done by using drag handles, in which when you create the drag source you set its withHandles property to true.
But still, if you prefer to set a the entire widget’s dom tree to be a handle, and within it a subset of the tree not to be a drag handle, and within that subset to define even a deeper subset that is a drag handle, you could do the following:

Initially, for the sake of the example, lets define the following widget’s template

<div dojoAttachPoint="a"><p dojoAttachPoint="titleNode"> just a text <input type="file" dojoAttachPoint="inputNode"/></div>

And assume that you don’t want to start a drag and drop operation when clicking on the file input field.

Next, override the class dojo.dnd.Source , and re-implement the function _legalMouseDown to be the following:

_legalMouseDown: function(e){// summary: checks if user clicked on "approved" items// e: Event: mouse event  if(!this.withHandles){ return true; }  for(var node = e.target; node && !dojo.hasClass(node, "dojoDndItem"); node = node.parentNode){    if(dojo.hasClass(node, "dojoDndIgnore")){ return false; }    if(dojo.hasClass(node, "dojoDndHandle")){ return true; }  }  return false; // Boolean}

Last but not least, change the widget’s template to be:

<div dojoAttachPoint="a" class="dojoDndHandle"><p dojoAttachPoint="titleNode"> just a text <input type="file" dojoAttachPoint="inputNode" class="dojoDndIgnore"/></div>

It is simple to see that the dragability of an element is determined by the closest parent of the node that has one of the classes dojoDndIgnore or dojoDndHandle and can be configured to set and unset subtrees within the widget’s dom node to behave differently.

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