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Read more - Amsterdam / Munich

The series don’t seem to stop, and this time I want to announce two upcoming events in Europe.


The first in The Netherlands will be held on April 27th in Amsterdam. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a series of fun Dojo events bringing people from The Netherlands and around together, who work with Dojo, enjoy using Dojo and like everything around the Web.

As a special guest we will have both Dylan Schiemann (SitePen, Dojo Co-Founder) and Peter Higgins (Dojo Project Lead - aka phiggins), so if you want to meet the gurus of Dojo, make sure you will be there.

The event will be held at

De Balie
Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam

Start: 19:00


After the uxebu / SitePen Dojo training on May 8th, there will be a on May 9th in Munich. This is now the 4th or 3rd (after filtering by dojoBeerType ;) ) event in a series of interesting, content loaded events. Also in Munich we will have two special guests, Dylan Schiemann and Peter Higgins.

The event will be held at

Keltenring 11
82041 München, Oberhaching

You can find more info + program overview at the Mixxt event page

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Dojo DTL Basics

In this tutorial I want to show you the basics of using the extremely powerful templating language DTL when writing your own custom widgets. Dijit already comes with a powerful template mechanism dijit._Templated but sometimes you need a bit more flexibility - dojox.dtl is exactly what you need in those cases.
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Read more - Amsterdam, April 27th

April 27, 2009
7:00 pmto11:59 pm

The event has been updated, please check following post for more details

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Declarative vs Programatic

The Dijit widget system expands on “Core Dojo” by providing rich, accessible and internationalized reusable components. Dojo has always had a custom declarative way of turning vanilla DOM nodes into complex widgets, but this is entirely optional, and likely faster to avoid.

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dojo.cast() - the Dojo podcast - episode 8

icon for podpress  Episode 8 - dojo.cast() [34:14m]: Play Now | Play in Popup

Finally, after a little dojo.cast() break, we are back online with the eighth episode of the dojo.cast().
In this episode we feature a book giveaway - listen to the episode and send us the correct answer to the question mentioned in the podcast and we send you a free copy of Frank Zammettis book “Practical Dojo Projects”.

Topics include

  • Dojo version 1.3
  • New documentation
  • Dojo events (dojo.beers())
  • Plugd
  • JavaScript API

Please excuse the fact that the actual recording of the podcast happened about two weeks ago, time is running faster sometimes than it should…

Useful links

1.3 documentation - Visit doc staging
Plugd - Visit google code project
Uxebu JavaScript api docs - Visit blog article and demo
SitePen/uxebu dojo training - Visit announcement page