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Read more - Germany, Würzburg - 28.03.2009

After a long time of recovery from the last we decided to organize the next in Würzburg - Germany. Würzburg is known for its surrounded wine fields so this actually will be a (yes, there will only be wine ;) ).

Mayflower is so kind again to sponsor the rooms and organize the event together with uxebu.

For program details please visit the event page at mixxt. The event will be organized at the Mayflower offices at:

Mayflower GmbH,
Pleichertorstraße 2,
97070 Würzburg.

Anyone interested in Web, JavaScript and of course Dojo is welcome to join - if you have a topic you want to talk about let us know via the mixxt page.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

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Creating Customized Validation TextBoxes with dojox.validate

I recently came across the need to make a validation textbox that validated US phone numbers. I know there are some JavaScript regular expressions that attempt to validate a phone number - this being the closest one I found to my needs:

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The Matrix of AJAX Revolutions: JQuery, DOJO, YUI, GWT, and MooTools

February 18, 2009
7:00 pmto9:00 pm

Dylan Schiemann, Co-creator of Dojo Toolkit, give a talk on conference “The Matrix of AJAX Revolutions: JQuery, DOJO, YUI, GWT, and MooTools”. Go here for more details about this event and register online.

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Inject Dojo

Sad to say, most of the web doesnt yet use dojo. But that needn’t stop you. Inject Dojo
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Initial Visibility Woes

Quick Cookie: How to set the initial visibility state of an element to allow for fade-in animation on page load.

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