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Refeshing an ItemFileReadStore

This is a pretty common need with a pretty simple solution.  How do you clear out the existing Data in a store, and populate it with new Data in Dojo 1.2?

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Dojo Zoomer?

I don’t normally blog demo’s when I make them, but this one was a little special … it began as a simple Drag and Drop / Constrained Mover example, and with the help of a couple #dojo community members took shape into a fully featured demo showing the power of the Dojo Toolkit.

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A Popup DatePicker

One commonly requested feature of Dijit is to allow a DateTextBox to contain a clickable image outside of the input that triggers the popup _Calendar class to display, rather than display when the element is focused. It opens up countless levels of complication internally: design consideration, a11y states, etc. But the concept is really quite simple, and even easier to implement. Shall we?

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Dojo workshop for all

January 26, 2009toJanuary 27, 2009

SitePen is hosting a Dojo workshop in late January 2009. Anyone who is interested in Dojo, JavaScript and technology which drives the web of today and tomorrow should attend this event.

To get a detailed overview of topics covered in the two day workshop visit the official announcement of SitePen.

Course: Getting Started with Dojo!
Date: January 26-27, 2009
Time: 9AM - 5PM daily
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Price: $995 (USD)
Skill Level: Background in Programming
Fine Print: Student responsible for all travel expenses, travel arrangements and laptop
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JavaScript/Ajax Bootcamp

January 19, 2009toJanuary 23, 2009

Heh, thats cool, how about joining a JavaScript bootcamp with Matthew Russel (author of “Dojo, the definitive guide), 5 days of most intense JavaScript training?


Date: January 19-23, 2009
Instructor: Matthew Russell (
Cost: $3500, includes meals, lodging, and ground transportation between the Atlanta airport and our retreat center
Location: Atlanta, GA

Visit the Big Nerd Ranch website here for more information.