DDD Boston, Ajax Experience recap
by Nikolai Onken

Being back in Amsterdam from a busy week of Dojoness in Boston, I thought we should give you a heads up on what was going on in all the days - besides no sleep and many dojo.beers()..

DDD - Dev. day

The developer day was held by IBM and was visited by a whole bunch of core devs, industry people and other visitors. Main points of discussion where the 1.2 release, road-map to 2.0 and some really amazing demos by SitePen and IBM of larger scale applications built on the Dojo Toolkit.

In a couple of breakout session the further progress of the already very far moved documentation, both user manual and api has been discussed, a lot of work has been put into the soon to be launched Dojo foundation website and several other topics have been discussed. One of the Nexaweb guys has showed a preview of scrollable tabs, very cool stuff.

DDD - Community day

The community day was held on the Ajax Experience in Boston. The room was packed and the speakers did a great job of showcasing what is possible with the new 1.2 release. It is great again to see that the toolkit is one of the few libraries which lets you develop very simple to highly complex frameworks.

Ajax Experience

It was great to meet all those people you usually only see in the wide webs, there were some really good talks, many talks which were showcasing what is possible, what different toolkits can do and a great opening talk by Dion and Ben, good job guys!!

From the Dojo folks there were great talks by Alex Russell covering the insides of Dojo data, charting and a talk which gave you great insight of how to write your apps using the Toolkit. Chris Zyp gave a talk on his amazing work on JSON transports and Joe Walker had some eyeopening things to say about security on the client. I’ll try to get everyone’s slides and post them here on Campus.

Dojo is moving forward fast, the 1.3 release will come shortly after 1.2 and we are investing tons of time into getting the documentation finished, a new website up and running and as always improving and adding new features to the toolkit.

We also have recorded two episodes of the dojo.cast(), they will be posted shortly and a third episode covering more details of 1.2 and the DDD will be released soon.

Until the next DDD

A picture from our condo, I know you’d prefer the ones with dojo.beer() but those are still being processed ;)

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