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Ajax in Action, Mainz, Germany

October 28, 2008 9:00 amtoOctober 31, 2008 9:00 am

Wolfram Kriesing and I will give two talks each on the upcoming Ajax in Action in Mainz, Germany.
Topics include “Architectures for scaling AJAX apps”, “Efficient AJAX/JavaScript Development”, “RIA/UI development with Dojo”, “Adobe AIR and Dojo, bringing the web to the desktop”.

I hope to meet some of you folks there :)

Ajax in Action website

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The Ajax Experience 2008 - Boston

September 29, 2008 9:00 amtoOctober 1, 2008 9:00 am

The Ajax Experience is the no. 1 conference for everything about and around client side development.
This is a must go for everyone who wants to hear all the latest tech talk around the web.

Alex Russell is giving two talks on Dojo, go check them out.
There will also be the Dojo community day on the 29th, the event to get all updates about and around Dojo.

TAE website

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Dojo Developer Day - 2008 - Boston

September 28, 2008 9:00 amtoSeptember 29, 2008 1:00 pm

Yiha, there is another Dojo Developer Day (DDD) coming up, september 28th - 29th in Boston.

As usual we will have one day open for everyone and one for developers.
To get more info, visit the Dojotoolkit blog

See you all in Boston!!

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Trees on Campus

We have been wanting to start a dedicated book section - the DojoCampus book corner - for quite some time. Finally a small start has been made and today we launched the new section with small reviews of the three last books about the Dojo toolkit.

We hope that this section can grow to a lively area where we can feature some of the great books out there, maybe have featured articles by the authors, or interviews to go into depth about the content of those books.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or if you are missing a book, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Now make yourself a cup of tea, sit down and enjoy :)

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Dojo - The definitve guide

Dojo: The Definitive Guide really is. As a reference, you can’t beat Matthew Russell’s tome. This book is chock full of insightful commentary, explanatory diagrams, and a thorough overview of Dijit’s inheritance chain. Well written and in depth, this book is a must-have for all users of Dojo 1.x . Though no coverage of DojoX is given, the author outlines some of the more stable highlights, giving you just enough to “know it’s there” and where to go looking. He covers all the ins-and-outs of Dojo Base, Core, and Dijit, providing markup-based and programmatic instantiation examples throughout.