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dojo.cast() - the Dojo podcast - episode 5

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Welcome to the fifth episode of the Dojo.cast(), this episode with some exciting updates and news about and around Dojo:

News items include:

  • Dojo project lead
  • SitePen toolbox
  • 1.2 News
  • Dojango
  • uxebu
  • Dojo documentation - beta!
  • New widgets
  • Summer of code - great effect work
  • Dojo Developer Day, Boston

btw… the talk in the beginning about us being on a holiday - this was us talking about our dreams and wishes, maybe one day we actually will publish a podcast - live from the beach ;)


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DojoML - The best thing since sliced bread!

Have you ever found a widget that does almost *everything* you need, yet you still manage to find some small thing that needs to be done differently? Ever cringe at the thought of having to extend a widget to add 5 or 10 lines of code to it? In the past, thats what you had to do… well unless you were really gung-ho and wanted to write your own from scratch.
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Dojo Degradability

Usually DojoCampus doesn’t link to other cookies out there :)
You don’t see Starbucks praising the new McDonalds coffee either do you? (I’m not going to tell you whether DojoCampus is Starbucks or McDonalds :P ), but this cookie by Peter Higgins (co-campus cook) is really worth a read - and it’s one of the shortest I’ve seen for a long time, enjoy: