Love is in the AIR
by Nikolai Onken

SitePen Inc. has released their incredible Dojo Toolbox, an Adobe AIR powered application you can use at those times when you don’t have internet, when you’re too lazy to use the internet or when you just want to use an amazing piece of dojo code including an api viewer, a dojo build tool and a very helpful collection of dojo links to dojo resources.

Get your own toolbok right here

You can read most of the info at the SitePen site, but I’d like to point out specifically that the toolbox is open for other tools - since when can you put only tools of one brand into the toolbox of that same brand?. So if you have written a cool piece of code and think an offline app might be a good place for it, don’t hesitate and let SitePen or any of the dojo committers know in the #dojo IRC channel at

How about a dojocampus cookie finder?

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