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DojoCampus is tweeting - or twittering?

If you don’t have enough of your daily dose of DojoCampus cookies, if you need to be kept up to date and get the latest secrets, developments and ideas from the Dojo community come follow the DojoCampus tweet. Please check out the Dojotoolkit tweet - the latest news about Dojo, directly from the source.

  • DojoCampus at
  • Dojotoolkit at
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jsId, dijit.byId() and dojo.byId()

A common question new users of dojo have is what is the difference between jsId, dijit.byId() and dojo.byId().

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dijit’s CSS sniff

If you’ve done any CSS at all, you’ve run into the need to selectively target rules at different browsers - usually by employing hacks which take advantage of CSS parser quirks and different levels of CSS spec support. Its getting better - gone are the days of IE4, Mac IE5 (for most of us anyhow), but its still a fact of life. Enter dijit._base.sniff
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Dojo Build 101: Basics

I have created, in the past, several screencasts illustrate various Dojo Build options and benefits. Here is the first in a series of Campus Videos explaining the build process. In this session, you will see (and hear) me fumble through creating a profile, inspecting the output, fixing errors, and trying again. Sometimes seeing mistakes happen is of value, so keep that in mind … Hope this helps!
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dojo.cast() - the Dojo podcast - episode 2

icon for podpress  Standard Podcast [73:23m]: Play Now | Play in Popup

In our second episode of the dojo.cast() podcast we are covering following topics:

  • Connecting to events using Firebug
  • Setting and getting values of dijit.form elements
  • When do I use dojo.forEach(); and when for(x in y) {}
  • The new project
  • Google Summer of Code
  • AOP code landing in dojox.lang
  • Dojoc namespace open for contributions
  • And even more news items

Episode 2 - Links

  • Dojo community - [GO]
  • Google Summer of Code - [GO]
  • Functional JavaScript by Shane O’Sullivan - [GO]
  • AOP nightly - [GO]
  • Dojox.grid - [GO]
  • Dojoc SVN repository at
  • #dojo -
  • SitePen animation by Peter Higgins - [GO]