Dojo Build 201: Layers and CSS Optimizing Builds
by Peter Higgins

In this next video installment, we’ll demonstrate how you can create a custom namespace and a build layer, as well as roll your required CSS into a single file automatically using the Dojo Build.

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12 Responses to “Dojo Build 201: Layers and CSS Optimizing Builds”

  1. pwagener Says:

    The Dojo Build 101 video starts up & shows just fine for me — thanks for putting it together — but the 201 video doesn’t start at all (initial screen shows up, but video won’t stream). Is this a problem for anyone else?

    Looking forward to seeing this soon though….

  2. nonken Says:

    pwagener, there were a few issues, please check again now if it works for you. It seems fine to me atm. Enjoy watching!

  3. travis Says:

    Hmm, haven’t been able to get this to play, just hangs on the quicktime symbol. Is there any other documentation on the css build process available? I’ve been searching and haven’t come up with much. Screencasts like this are neat, but useless when they don’t play, and, IMHO, moderately less useful than Good Old Text.

  4. dante Says:

    @travis: The CSS importing thing is an undocumented feature (relic) of Dojo 1.1 … This video is more or less a first pass at explaining it. While undocumented, and partially unsupported, it works, and and very easy to use. It is touched on in a number of “Good Ole Text ™” formats, but there is no formal documentation for its use. There are scattered reports of this video not working, but we’ve been unable to find the cause. Any AV hackers out there are welcome to assist, as we are lowly JavaScript coders, and simply trying provide information.

  5. pwagener Says:

    Thanks for the effort nonken — works great.

  6. nonken Says:

    forwarding the thx to Pete :)

  7. denise Says:

    I haven’t been able to play this video. It crashes the browser in IE 7 and Firefox 3 in Windows XP Pro. When I try to download it and play it locally, I can see the video in the Quicktime player, but no audio. I get an error when trying to convert to other formats using various tools. I can extract the audio track and it plays, but no sound. Help — I really, really want to know how to reduce the number of CSS calls when using a custom Dojo build. Thanks!

  8. kennpetri Says:

    This still is not working for me. After a long wait, the first frame of the movie appears and then it crashes all browsers (on Windows Vista with QT plugin v. 7.6, tested IE7, FF3, Chrome, and Safari). Chrome reports it is the plugin that has crashed. (Chrome is threaded per page, so it didn’t bring the whole browser down.) To me, this is the key video of the series. Would be great to have it working.

  9. dante Says:

    I’m not sure what can be done here. It has to be some conflict with the QuickTime encoder or something, as I’ve re-recorded it, re-uploaded it, converted to flv and a number of other things attempting to address this (lots of people report this crashes their machine). The direct link to the file is:

    People have downloaded it and run it locally, but even then they claim there is no audio. But, others have reported this to be working just fine for them, so I’m at a loss as to how to fix :/

  10. kennpetri Says:

    That’s my experience too: no audio. However, it’s pretty easy to figure out what’s going on, even with no sound.

    Thanks for the link. This particular tutorial was very helpful in streamlining my build.

  11. schkovich Says:

    Links are broken in entire series 101 - 401. :( Can’t you just upload it to youtube?

  12. nonken Says:

    Hi Schkovich,

    links are working again, sorry for the error.
    I’ll put the videos up on youtube or vimeo as well and will keep you posted here on the status.


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