dojo.cast() - the Dojo podcast - episode 2
by Nikolai Onken

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In our second episode of the dojo.cast() podcast we are covering following topics:

  • Connecting to events using Firebug
  • Setting and getting values of dijit.form elements
  • When do I use dojo.forEach(); and when for(x in y) {}
  • The new project
  • Google Summer of Code
  • AOP code landing in dojox.lang
  • Dojoc namespace open for contributions
  • And even more news items

Episode 2 - Links

  • Dojo community - [GO]
  • Google Summer of Code - [GO]
  • Functional JavaScript by Shane O’Sullivan - [GO]
  • AOP nightly - [GO]
  • Dojox.grid - [GO]
  • Dojoc SVN repository at
  • #dojo -
  • SitePen animation by Peter Higgins - [GO]


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  1. Pythoneer » Dojo.cast() Says:

    [...] there is already episode 2 out of the dojo podcast “from the guys” (I like when Pete says that). There we are [...]

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