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Dojo quickstart by SitePen

Peter Higgins has released a great quickstart for dojo on

This guide is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to learn about the nuts and bolts of starting with dojo. Its easy to understand and will get you started within minutes.

Go check it out here.

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Dojo.cast() podcast now available on iTunes and other feeds

Since today it is possible for you to subscribe to the new dojo.cast() podcast directly via iTunes.
So no more checking of website and feeds, you will get the latest news about dojo right into your media player to sit back and relax.

For the ones who prefer to subscribe by other means you can always use the dojo.cast() RSS feed.

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dojo.cast() - the Dojo podcast - episode 1

icon for podpress  Standard Podcast [38:04m]: Play Now | Play in Popup

We’re very happy to present the very first episode of the Dojo.cast() podcast.
This episode is starting off with an interview with Alex Russell, Project Lead of the Dojo Toolkit

Episode 1 - Links

  • NetWindows: One of the pages you can find when searching for NetWindows [GO]
  • DojoCampus Feature Explorer: Many features of the dojo toolkit in a browsable demo engine [GO]
  • Dojo Licencing: All about the licencing model of the dojo toolkit [GO]
  • Alex Russell’s setup: Vim Editor, Komodo IDE, Aptana Studio, Emacs
  • Alex Russell’s music: SomaFM

The cutouts you’re not supposed to hear: funstuff-from-episode1

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Making a translatable login form

Today I’m going to show you how to use dojo’s built in translation system. For this example, I’m going to make a simple login form widget, that we can translate into both english and spanish (and other languages, if we choose). This form will also validate what the user puts into the form, and inject what the user inputted into the translated text itself.
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What is a _Widget

There has never been a more generic term than “widget”. As a teen in economics class our theoretical compaines sold widgets, and almost anything on earth without description falls into a “thinger” category … I’m here to give API stability to the word “widget”, and poke around the idea of “template” in Dojo. I will call it Dijit.

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