[TAB] + Firebug, developers dreamteam
by Nikolai Onken

I was hanging around in the #dojo IRC channel two days ago and Wolfram Kriesing came up with a very useful nifty trick.

Update march 27th 2008: Thanks to a note of Mike Cordes, you need to uncheck following option if you want the tab trick to work: “Console > Options > Larger Command Line”. Thanks Mike for the update!

How often do you wonder “Does this dijit support one or another method?”, “What attributes does my tree have?”, “Can I do .setContent()?”.
If you use Firefox with Firebug all of your trouble will be gone within seconds:

Say you have created a dijit on your page with the id “fancyDijit”. Now if you want to find out what methods you can use or what attributes your object has, open up Firebug, go to the console and enter:

dijit.byId(’fancyDijit’). + [TAB]. and an object attribute will show up… wow. Now press [TAB] again and the next attribute will show up.
Of course you can also enter dijit.byId(’fancyDijit’).c + [TAB] and all attributes starting with “c” will show up.


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