forEach goodness.
by Peter Higgins

This morning, I was again reminded about something I am continually forgetting and it’s worth documenting, so here goes:

Not only does dojo.forEach iterate over an array passing the element to a function each time:

var arr = ["one","two","three"];
// print one, two, three
dojo.forEach(arr,function(el){ console.log(el); });

It also passes the current index in the array (which I find uber helpful):

var arrOne = ["a","b","c"];
var arrTwo = ["one","two","three"];
     // better than idx++
     var alt = arrTwo[idx];

You can pass a named function, too. forEach automatically passes the element anyway:

var connects = [];
// later:

It also scopes, making “this” useful:

var foo = {
     myMethod: function(el){

And to top it alll off, dojo.query / dojo.NodeList has a .forEach method, which assumes scope, and otherwise
works the same (though the array is each domNode in the results:)

// add some text to all nodes class="links"
      n.innerHTML += " - touched ";

Hope this helps.


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