Time To Rely On Trading Bots

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While there are enormous job opportunities, the stock market is something that makes people curious about because of its uncertainty. Initially, it would work as a trial and error basis as you either win or you lose. While few investors lose hope when they incur a loss, some consider this loss as stepping stone for success and try hard to gain better. Perseverance is the key to success. This applies to the stock market as well.

We now have digital currencies (the cryptocurrency market) that are being traded. However, they work differently from the normal stock market. Users in this market are increasing on a rapid scale. The growth is mainly because of numerous advantages in this market as compared to the normal stock market, some of them being: direct transaction, zero transaction fee, transparency etc.

Trading Bots – Do they really exist?

Cryptocurrencies are gaining market popularity because of its uniqueness and profitability factor. Its uniqueness, in fact, encourages investors to trade in this market. However, there are still investors who are unaware of the market plays. In order to ease the difficulties of understanding market trends, trading bots are invented. They are programmed to react to the market trends. Bots are typically man-made machines for guiding the stock market. Increase in demand in the market has lead to the creation of different Bots.

To put in a simple way, a Bot is an automated software program that monitors specific financial markets and advice users on the market conditions, answers market queries and performs actions i.e. buy and/or sell offers on behalf of the users/investors. Typically, they are “life-saver” for all the investors familiar or unfamiliar with market trends. Some of the popular Bots used in the market are:

  • Cryptotrader
  • Zenbot
  • Haasbot
  • Tradewave
  • Gekko

Check out this full review to know which Bots would be best suitable for your investment and specification.

How do they work?

Bot are devised to get connected to the financial market/exchanges, which allow them to track prices, analyze market strategies, predict market trends, movements and perform actions on behalf of the users/investors. They are in fact structured with a program to react when the price changes beyond the threshold limit. Each Bot is programmed with different strategies, formula, and regression analysis to track the market. Some Bots work on basis of EMA (exponential moving average), while others work using DEMA (double exponential moving average), TEMA (triple exponential moving average). Bots offer a wide range of information to play in the market. The advantages of having them are plenty. However, their prediction may also have negative impact resulting in minimal gain or loss as these are programmed to work on a specific strategy/formula.