Discover The Future Of Binary Options Trading


Binary trading is a trading method that attracts a lot of investors, and some of them are making impressive sums with the help of this system. Due to the nature of binary options, it is relatively easy to grasp the basics and start investing, and that is why people from different backgrounds can become successful traders. However, this does not mean that you can just waltz in and start making millions all of a sudden, and a certain amount of risk is always present during these financial transactions. But, there is also a way to minimize the risk, and auto-trading software shows the future of trading binary options.

What Exactly Is An Auto-trading Program?


HBSwiss is a perfect example of a great auto-trading software, and this robot can monitor the market, find suitable opportunities for investments, execute the trades, and monitor the results – all on its own. In other words, users can be miles away from the computer, and this automated system will generate profits and improve their financial condition in a hassle-free manner. Experts and seasoned analysts are saying that auto-trading software makes binary trading much easier and more convenient, which enables people to quickly “join in on the fun” and start making high profits. Of course, even robots are not able to predict the movement of prices with 100% accuracy, but the overall ratio of wins vs. losses will leave a large sum of money in your bank account at the end of the trading day.

Authors:Peter Higgins
Nikolai Onken
Marcus Reimann
Developers:Bryan Forbes, Peter Higgins, Eugene Lazutkin, Bill Keese, Adam Peller, Alex Russell, Dylan Schiemann, sjmiles
Available:since V1.0


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    • Functions always avalable (Dojo ‘Base’)
    • Functions provided by the dojo.fx module
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Have you ever wanted to nicely fade out or fade in a block of text, slide or wipe a DOM node into position, or even chain together numerous animations to provide a nice, dynamically changing page for your users? Well, that is exactly what the dojo.fx module is for. This module provides several commonly used animation effects. These FX functions all build upon the basic FX support in dojo base. There are also less commonly used FX functions available in dojox under the dojox.fx package.

This page is a landing point for reference off to each function, their description, and examples.

NOTE: There is a great quickstart animation guide to get you up and running with basic FX animations


Functions always avalable (Dojo ‘Base’)

  • dojo.animateProperty – The most basic animation function in dojo. It allows you to animate the change of most CSS properties, as well as perform, pre and post operations as the animation executes. Almost all the following animation functions are built using this function.
  • dojo.fadeIn – A simple function for fading a currently invisible (opacity 0), node into view.
  • dojo.fadeOut – A simple function for fading a currently visible(opacity 1), node to opacity 0.

Functions provided by the dojo.fx module

  • dojo.fx.easing – A collection of easing functions that can be used with dojo.animateProperty and its extensions to modify an animation.
  • dojo.fx.wipeIn – Wipe in a node (Height 0 to max height of node).
  • dojo.fx.wipeOut – Wipe out a node (Max height to 0).
  • dojo.fx.slideTo – To slide a node from current position to ABS position x,y.
  • dojo.fx.Toggler – A helper class to wrap to simplify assigning two animations to a node, one for the ‘show’ animation and one for a ‘hide’ animation. For example, fading a node in for show and out for hide.
  • dojo.fx.chain – A helper function that can take two animation instances and combine them into a single animation instance where each of the input animations is run after the other in sequence.
  • dojo.fx.combine – A helper function that can take two animation instances and combine them into a single animation instance where each of the input animations are run in parallel.

See also

  • dojo._base.fxBasic animation functions in Dojo Base
  • dojox.fxMore advanced animation functions in dojox.fx
  • Animation QuickstartThe quickstart tutorial for doing animation effects.
  • Semi-complex chaining and combining of effects