Has the ICO freezing effect the Cryptocurrency Market

                         Has the ICO freezing effect the Cryptocurrency Market

The phenomenal growth of the cryptocurrency has always raised the question of whether the regulation been done enough for the markets to take shape in an effective way to build the future of blockchain technology. The imperative question of how a coding system can rally against the traditional form of currency to the extent of making the latter stand trivial in the formers tremendous growth.

Who can fight it out?

The internet has seen the coming of greater rules and structured information without any resistance from the stakeholders to have a complete protocol to adhere so that the mistrust that is going a long way in determining the participation of more number of investors in digital assets goes away, and there is a lot of certainties in the trades placed

  • the economy becomes uncertain on the performance of the coin currency
  • taxing the coin currency is a challenge
  • the welfare measures become distant to follow, go awry
  • structurally powerful institutions can fight it out
  • building a transparent technology with good privacy levels is important
  • the price volatility can be of great trouble for exchanging the current dollar value

Maintaining the status quo for people buying the Bitcoins is an important move for investors to be cautious while investing in the Crypto CFD Trader is a trading software   that can help investors to achieve the equilibrium

The Future of ICO

There is a lot of eventful things happening in the geography of the crypto world, there are many traders making money on the hedge funds, pitching against the Dollar. A lackluster performance and making the coins to be valued at a higher price. The token sales are picking up as startups are looking for ICO as an alternate sourcing to raise the finds through token sales stored in the digital wallets; investors are in a bid to maintain the viability to access the digital wallets.

The future holds a tough challenge in making the investment a more approachable and un-jinxed manner, using the blockchain technology with the amount of success that the software trading platforms like Crypto CFD Trader have achieved over a short period of time. Legalizing the claims of the trading platforms, having the smart contracts in place to find the social utility and financial advantage of the digital currency system and wider social acceptance will become a global power, taking a high social utility and addition in the financial play to win the game.












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How To Select The Mutual Fund?

How To Select The Mutual Fund?

With so many different kinds of mutual funds available today, it can get really difficult to choose from them. These points below can help you to make a good choice.

Look for mutual funds with no-load

Some mutual funds charge a load which is the sales load. This is a fee that is paid to the person who will be selling you the fund. This is not a good bargain for your portfolio. If you buy a no-load fund then all your money will be invested and will make money for you. However, if you buy and on Crypto CFD Trader is a trading software with the load then you would be investing a lesser amount of money and this would over the long term deplete your returns.


Expense ratio

Managing mutual fund requires money. This includes paying the fund manager, lease, and electricity for the building where the staff is sitting as well as paying for the coffee machines at the office etc. The expense towards these is borne by you who buy the mutual fund plan. The percentage of your assets that goes towards paying for these expenses is the expense ratio. In short, this is the amount that you need to pay for someone to manage your fund for you. The mutual fund will first work to get this return to pay to run the workplace. Anything that they make extra is then paid out to you.

You thus need to look for funds that have the lowest expense ratio. If the expense ratio is higher then this means that the fund has a higher hurdle to clear before it can start to pay you. In the long run, this does eat into your profits.

Avoid those funds which have a high turnover ratio

The turnover ratio is basically the percentage of the portfolio that is earned each year. The funds that buy and sell more each year will lessen your profits because of tax. If your mutual fund is a tax-free one then you do not have to bother about it. But if you need to pay taxes on the fund then this is something that you should consider.

Management team

It should be easy to find out about the management team who runs the mutual fund. If the fund manager who would be managing your fund has little or no experience or has a bad track record then you should consider looking out for another fund. Look to buy funds that are founded by a strong group of analysts. You need to look for those funds where the manager has also invested a substantial portion along with the fund holders.






Your investment philosophy and the fund’s investment philosophy should be in sync. There are different approaches applied by different managers. You may be someone who looks to invest in companies that are trading at a discount. There could be someone else who wants to invest his money into the growth funds irrelevant of what its price is. Others may just want to invest into the large cap and blue-chip stocks. Whatever is your investment philosophy it is important that the mutual fund also follows the same rule.



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Time To Rely On Trading Bots

While there are enormous job opportunities, the stock market is something that makes people curious about because of its uncertainty. Initially, it would work as a trial and error basis as you either win or you lose. While few investors lose hope when they incur a loss, some consider this loss as stepping stone for success and try hard to gain better. Perseverance is the key to success. This applies to the stock market as well.

We now have digital currencies (the cryptocurrency market) that are being traded. However, they work differently from the normal stock market. Users in this market are increasing on a rapid scale. The growth is mainly because of numerous advantages in this market as compared to the normal stock market, some of them being: direct transaction, zero transaction fee, transparency etc.

Trading Bots – Do they really exist?

Cryptocurrencies are gaining market popularity because of its uniqueness and profitability factor. Its uniqueness, in fact, encourages investors to trade in this market. However, there are still investors who are unaware of the market plays. In order to ease the difficulties of understanding market trends, trading bots are invented. They are programmed to react to the market trends. Bots are typically man-made machines for guiding the stock market. Increase in demand in the market has lead to the creation of different Bots.

To put in a simple way, a Bot is an automated software program that monitors specific financial markets and advice users on the market conditions, answers market queries and performs actions i.e. buy and/or sell offers on behalf of the users/investors. Typically, they are “life-saver” for all the investors familiar or unfamiliar with market trends. Some of the popular Bots used in the market are:

  • Cryptotrader
  • Zenbot
  • Haasbot
  • Tradewave
  • Gekko

Check out this full review to know which Bots would be best suitable for your investment and specification.

How do they work?

Bot are devised to get connected to the financial market/exchanges, which allow them to track prices, analyze market strategies, predict market trends, movements and perform actions on behalf of the users/investors. They are in fact structured with a program to react when the price changes beyond the threshold limit. Each Bot is programmed with different strategies, formula, and regression analysis to track the market. Some Bots work on basis of EMA (exponential moving average), while others work using DEMA (double exponential moving average), TEMA (triple exponential moving average). Bots offer a wide range of information to play in the market. The advantages of having them are plenty. However, their prediction may also have negative impact resulting in minimal gain or loss as these are programmed to work on a specific strategy/formula.

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How An Auditor Evaluates The Different Cash Accounts Of A Business Firm?

How An Auditor Evaluates The Different Cash Accounts Of A Business Firm?

There are many ways by which a business organization arranges means for its cash deposits. Some of these includes

  1. The Cash Remittance policy. This amounts to the money transferred by different branches or agents to the main office of the company by indirect means and does not include any physical methods like direct cash payment or cheques.
  • An auditor should definitely verify such remittance by examining the cash or pass book during regular intervals as to see whether these amounts are actually received or not.
  • The settlement dealings associated with the head office should also be recognized to find out whether is it safe or not.
  • Further, check for the pay-in-slip, if the cash is directly transferred into the bank.
  • Moreover, it is also necessary to know if the money transaction done by one party is reversed in the coming year or vice versa.
  1. Dealing with the petty cash.
  • All the petty cash must be thoroughly verified with the corresponding petty record book.
  • Do not forget to make note of the balance in the general ledger each time the petty cash account is checked.
  • It is also essential to vouch for the previous transaction records to ascertain if any fictitious payments are made in between.
  • All the methods adopted for verifying the cash in hand can also be used for evaluating this too.
  1. Going for the bank balance.
  • For analyzing the details of company accounts with the bank, bank passbook is the available documentation and so make a comparison between the balance written in it and that with the business cash book.
  • Verify all the settlement papers with that of the bank statements or with corresponding pass book of the relevant period.
  • Further, the auditor can proceed to get the written note regarding the business balance directly from the bank itself.
  • Take note of the balance made in the cash book is the same as in the balance sheet under the topic ‘cash and the bank’ and not as the ‘remaining amount in the passbook’.
  • In addition to these, all the pending cheques to be collected and the outstanding ones recorded in the books should be evaluated by the auditor to ensure if these are true. Pending cheques of over six months of age should be inquired.
  • All the FD’s, Dividend accounts or so must be analyzed in details to know the Genuity of the accounts.
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